Take a Tour of the Brewery at Manor Hill Brewing

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You’ve probably heard of farm-to-table eateries, but what about a farm to table brewery? That’s what you get at Manor Hill Brewing

This atmospheric brewery in Ellicott City farms the land and creates one-of-a kind beers with unexpected ingredients. You’ll find unique beers like the Scotch Ale with the flavor of roasted caramel or the Citra Splendor with aromas of lemon and tangerine. To visit the taproom to sample the brews, just make a reservation for their Friday or Saturday operating hours. You will be treated to a walk around the brewery, introduction to the staff, and incredible views of the farm while you have samples or full pours of their selection. Then, you can grab cans of your favorites to go or bring your own growler to take home.

 The Friday and Saturday tours are limited to 50 guests, so be sure to make your reservation before heading to the farm. The limited group size also means you’ll get attentive service and a relaxed group of only the most devoted beer fans. Visit the Manor Hill Brewing website to make your reservation.

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