Find Dinner Options for Everyone in Your Group at Kelsey’s

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Regulars at Kelsey’s say this Ellicott City restaurant offers a solid all-around dining experience.  The menu features a number of varied options, while the restaurant’s atmosphere remains decidedly laid-back, which is one of the reasons this place is popular with families, couples on casual dates, and colleagues holding business meetings over lunch. 

The kitchen turns out a variety of entrees, including seafood options like the Maryland jumbo lump crab cakes, as well as steaks, spicy jambalaya, and a few signature Irish specialties. Regulars especially recommend the corned beef and cabbage if you want to try one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. Whatever you choose, however, you can expect it to be well-prepared and arrive quickly, as this place has a reputation for high-quality fare and efficient service.  

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