Find Korean Fried Chicken at Seoul Pub Sushi Chicken Beer

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Whether you’re in the mood for Korean-style fried chicken or more traditional pan-Asian cuisine, Seoul Pub Sushi Chicken Beer has something for everyone. The fried chicken is the main draw for most customers, thanks to the double-frying process that makes this popular dish extra-crispy. Order yours with sweet chili sauce for a bit of spicy heat, or choose soy garlic for something a bit milder.

Pair your chicken with a classic scallion pancake for the table to share, or go for few sushi rolls and a bowl of miso soup. Whatever you choose, you can expect it to be expertly prepared, as this place has a reputation for ensuring each meal is made to order. While Seoul Pub is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, locals-only spot, regulars say it’s more than worth the hunt for seriously delicious Asian fare.

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