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Townes at Pine Orchard

Ellicott City's #1 Restaurant is Close to Home! - Townes at Pine Orchard Blog

Ellicott City’s #1 Restaurant is Close to Home!

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Ellicott City's #1 restaurant according to TripAdvisor is just minutes from Townes at Pine Orchard! Grille620, a stylish steakhouse serving up New American cuisine, is a great place for a dinner that's close to home. Locals love the gnocchi, calamari and tuna tartar, but the premium steak dishes also pair perfectly with a glass of fine wine.

The restaurant also offers one of the best brunches in town, complete with inventive egg dishes, a full bar of morning libations and a wood-trimmed dining room that makes a great place to relax. To see the entire menu at Grille620, visit the restaurant's website. 

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