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Channel Your Inner Artist at The Pottery Shop and Coffee Shop

Channel Your Inner Artist at The Pottery Shop and Coffee Shop

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A new year always provides a little inspiration for people, and for some it’s creative energy! If that rings true to you, it may be the perfect time for an outing to The Pottery Stop and Coffee Shop. If you’ve lived in town for awhile, you're probably familiar with this place as a popular spot for kids' birthday parties. Well, the good news is, it’s just as fun for adults! 

The Pottery Stop and Coffee Shop is still accepting walk-in visits for a little creative fun. When you arrive you’ll be able to wander the shop a bit to take a look at all the pieces available to paint. For the adults, think serving bowls and soup bowls, plates of all sizes, mugs, and seasonal decor. If you’re bringing kids along, there are all sorts of figurines and piggy banks. Once you have your item in hand, stake your claim at a table, grab some paints, and start creating your masterpiece. Aftewards, they’ll glaze and fire your piece, then you'll return in about a week to pick up the finished product! It’s a fun idea for an afternoon with friends or family!

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