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What to Do This Weekend: Visit Long Gate Playground!

What to Do This Weekend: Visit Long Gate Playground!

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Looking for a way to get your kids’ never-ending energy out? What better way than a fun-filled playground full of slides, monkey bars, and merry-go-rounds? At Long Gate Playground, conveniently located in the suburbs of Ellicott City, you can expect an afternoon full of laughs as you watch your children explore this expansive playground full of fun things to do. At Long Gate Playground, your kids can have a ball on the jungle gym equipment while you and your friends shoot hoops on the basketball court. There is also a full-size baseball field, a walking and biking trail, as well as restrooms, so you can enjoy an entire afternoon here. If you think you need an afternoon or evening outside soaking up the warm spring sunshine, head to Long Gate Playground! The park is open from dusk to dawn every day of the week.

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