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Don’t Skip the Fried Udon at Sushi Q in Ellicott City

Don’t Skip the Fried Udon at Sushi Q in Ellicott City

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Delicious Asian cuisine awaits you at the newly opened Sushi Q in Ellicott City. Here, you can expect creatively crafted sushi and other Japanese fare using only the freshest ingredients. Early favorites include the spicy scallop roll, the smoked salmon roll, and the crab stick roll. But if Sushi isn’t your thing, don't worry, as they have plenty of other really great dishes that don’t include raw fish and sticky rice. The pork katsu is a definite favorite, as well as the traditional fried rice, miso soup, and fiery hibachi, the latter of which comes with chicken, shrimp, salmon, pork, scallops, or steak! One unique dish that customers seem to keep raving about at Sushi Q is the fried udon noodles. You can enjoy them with any of your favorite proteins, or just stir-fried with veggies if that’s what you desire. Another unique thing about this hot, new Asian spot is that if you dine in you can expect a free bowl of miso soup and a crabmeat appetizer to whet your appetite.

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