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Get a Fresh Style for Summer at Ellie Hair

Get a Fresh Style for Summer at Ellie Hair

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Ellie Hair is hardly the only salon you can visit in Ellicott City, but there’s no doubt that they’re one of the best. Longtime clients and spontaneous walk-in customers alike have fallen in love with the results produced by talented stylists, owners, and siblings Ellie and Jo. Yelp user Chun L. writes, “I come here for the nice haircut but also the experience.” Like other upscale salons, a visit to Ellie Hair comes with quality products and experienced service. But this spot is unique in that you don’t just get a haircut, dye, or style—you get the truly careful attention of artists. Reviewers enthuse over the careful attention to detail offered by both Jo and Ellie, with particular mention of their finely honed eye for hair. With each client, these stylists take time to consider what it is you’re looking for, which methods will best emulate that for your unique features, and, perhaps most importantly, how it could impact your hair’s health. Yes, both Ellie and Jo have talent and expertise. But what truly sets Ellie Hair apart is their genuine care, which is undoubtedly why so many clients return to them for years of haircare.

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