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Bring a Love of Spicy Food to Pepper House

Bring a Love of Spicy Food to Pepper House

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When you think of spicy food, what comes to mind? Tacos smothered in hot sauce or game-day buffalo wings? After a trip to Ellicott City’s newest addition, your first thought will inevitably be Pepper House. For the uninitiated, the bold flavors and spice levels of Sichuan cuisine may come as a shock. But, once you pass that initial surprise, there’s a depth to each dish that’s hard to describe—but oh-so-easy to enjoy. Pepper House has already gained a small legion of Sichuan fans thanks to its authentic menu and friendly service. Their Chengdu dan dan noodles, beef rice noodle soup, chicken with chili oil sauce, and Sichuan cold noodles are particular favorites so far. Those who already love this particular type of Chinese menu will be delighted by Pepper House’s authentic traditional dishes. From the sharp taste of chili oil to the homestyle, slurpable noodles, each bite comes with centuries of history. And, whether you opt for a low-spice option or go all-in with a particularly pungent item you already know and love, it certainly helps that each bite from Pepper House is delicious, too.

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