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Shop for the Holidays at the Merry Main Marketplace in Ellicott City

Shop for the Holidays at the Merry Main Marketplace in Ellicott City

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There are a lot of things that our beloved Ellicott City does well, and one of those is the holiday season. The Merry Main Marketplace is perhaps the best example of the city sense of community in the jolliest time of year. With all the quaint qualities of a European holiday market coupled with the local businesses you know and love, it’s impossible to not find yourself feeling festive when you visit the Marketplace this year. 

Running on Saturdays and Sundays through December 20, the Marketplace features an assortment of artisans and your favorite area small businesses with offerings that are sure to please everyone on your wishlist this holiday. But it’s not only your friends and family that will benefit from your trip to the Merry Main Marketplace. Your tastebuds can celebrate the season, too, with soups, sandwiches, s’mores, and more from vendors like Park Ridge Creamery and Little Market Cafe. 

The best part of the Merry Main Marketplace, though, is that it’s constantly evolving. Each weekend, you’ll find a slightly different combination of shops and sellers, so there’s a built-in reason to keep coming back after your first trip to the Marketplace—and there’s no doubt you’ll be excited to return soon. 

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